Heike Bogenberger was born in Regensburg (Ratisbon) in 1978. She studied communication,
literature and psychology in Munich where she has been living and working ever since.
Apart from her main job in advertising she is a free-lance photo artist. In 2012 she became
a member of the Professional Organisation of Fine Arts.

Heike Bogenberger discovered her love for photography in her youth, but it was during her
studies that she started to devote herself to it intensely. In 2006 she became a steady member
of "Projekt Fotografie", a long-term project guided by photo artist Michael Jochum. Since
2007 she has been documenting the transformation of the Domagk area in Munich with a group
of photographers ("Documentation Domagk" under the direction of Michael Jochum).

She attended Katharina Sieverding's photography class at the Salzburg International Summer
Academy of Fine Arts in 2007. Until today she participated in various photography workshops -
especially in portraiture - directed for example by Zoltán Jókay or Volker Derlath.

Her work has been shown in three solo exhibitions and several group exhibitions in Germany
and Austria.